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Balloons Can Be Climbed Into Space

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This time, a private US company called ‘Space Perspective’ wants to make a wonderful idea like space travel in a balloon a reality. According to CNN, this time adventure-loving people will be able to go to space from the earth in a balloon. The Space Perspective company wants to achieve the impossible by using an advanced type of balloon called ‘Spaceship Neptune’.

It is known that the US company will send ‘Spaceship Neptune’ into space experimentally in the beginning of 2021.

According to Evening Standard, the high-tech balloon will be launched from the Alaska Pacific Spaceport Complex.Balloons can be climbed into space.

According to the company’s website, this huge balloon can carry people up to three times more than any commercial aircraft. Passengers riding in balloons will be able to enjoy what the world is like 1 lakh feet above the surface.

The huge balloon can accommodate up to 8 tourists at a time, which will fly at a slow speed of 12 miles per hour towards space. They will be able to enjoy that thrilling journey for about six hours.Balloons can be climbed into space

In space, the balloon will land just above the Atlantic Ocean. What if an accident happens? That is why there will be a ship for the safety of the passengers. It is known that there will be many facilities in this balloon. In particular, Space Perspective has also arranged a bar and restroom.

Surely you want to know, how many knots will have to be dropped in this space flight in a balloon? The agency said it had not yet determined the ticket price for the balloon tour, but initially it was estimated that a single ticket would cost around ১ 125,000 in Indian currency, which is close to Rs 93 lakh.

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